BioCivil Engineering Assignment Samplemedical engineering is generally defined as the application of the principles of engineering as well as the design concepts to biology and medicine for the healthcare purposes. This field is known for bridging the gap between medicine and engineering. This field of engineering has emerged as its own study, in comparison to other branches of engineering. This is a growing and dynamic field of engineering. The individuals doing biomedical engineering are known as the biomedical engineers design new drugs, medical implants, genetically modified organisms, medical instruments, etc.

The structure of biomedical engineering that makes it a unique program and enables the students to participate in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects is mentioned below. The concentration has given structure:

  • Four required upper engineering courses
  • Three biomedical engineering electives
  • A capstone design course
  • Four approved courses in humanities as well as in political science.
  • An interdisciplinary program for the biomedical engineering students.

This program is administered by the division of medicine and division of biology and the school of engineering at a centre of biomedical engineering. The biomedical engineering students are prepared for careers in biotechnology and biomedical engineering. Also, they are provided with a career in different areas including law, medicine, business, healthcare delivery, etc. These students have masters in fundamentals of life science and the physical science.

The students must learn the way to apply these principles to a broad spectrum of problems in biomedical engineering. Most of the students, who have completed their graduation in the biomedical engineering are engaged in interdisciplinary research and collaborative research with labs from the schools of public health and medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, as well as the colleges of agricultural and life science and letters and sciences. Most of the students are supported by the competitive national fellowships or training grants.

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